Silver Needle White Tea

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Silver Needle White Tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen Tea): Experience the very finest of white teas, originating from the beautiful and serene Fujian region in China. This peaceful setting is reflected in the exquisite aromas and soft, mellow flavours and is exactly what you would expect from a premium white tea!

Ingredients: silver needle white tea

Flavour/Taste: Light, delicate, quenching flavours underpinned by cucumber and melon freshness yet surprisingly full textured with a satisfying velvety finish.

Liquor: Honeyed yellow with pale green hues

Origin: China

Serving Suggestion:

  1. Pour the hot water into a cup to warm it up; 
  2. After 10-20 seconds, pour off hot water when the cup is warmed up; 
  3. Place 2g Silver Needle White Tea into the cup; 
  4. Pour in water at 85°C until it reaches about 1/3 capacity;
  5. Gently sway the cup to let tea leaves absorb the water;
  6. After 2 minutes, pour in the the water to the full of the cup;
  7. Brew for 2-3 minutes;
  8. Silver Needle White Tea is processed without a rolling process unlike other types of tea. Therefore we need to brew it for much longer time. In addition, you can brew for many times and you can enjoy the similar taste consistently.

Packaging: All orders are sent in resealable packages for maximum freshness and longevity of flavour.



(9 reviews) Write a Review

9 Reviews

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    Silver needle white tea

    Posted by Joni O. on 6th Sep 2019

    Such beautiful quality and at a very reasonable price. We love the tea hut, highly recommend!

  • 4
    Silver needle white tea

    Posted by Egidia Y. on 28th Aug 2019

    Excellent service. Lovely tea.

  • 5
    Love this Tea

    Posted by Jennifer on 20th Aug 2018

    I've been a white and green tea aficionado for decades so I am very fussy. This Silver Needle white tea is undoubtedly one of my favourites. It's delicate and soothing. I thoroughly enjoy having a whole pot of it to myself in the mornings.

  • 5
    Favourite way to start my day

    Posted by Margaret Adams on 1st Jul 2017

    I love to start my day in quiet solitude with a cup of refreshing white tea. As the dried silver needles expand they create a golden liquid that is very delicate and soothing. The bitterness of green tea upsets my stomach, but I love the gentle subtleness of white tea.

  • 5
    Beautiful Tea

    Posted by Terri on 23rd Jan 2017

    Refreshing but soothing, relaxing and calming - and I don't have any proof but since drinking this tea I have significantly less reflux and I have lost weight. This tea seems to help in so many ways - almost like a detox without any bitterness - I wish I had found it years ago!

  • 5
    You can feel the antioxidants working

    Posted by Leonie on 28th Nov 2016

    I really love this product. I have been drinking white tea for years. If you haven't had it before then give it a try, you can actually feel healthier and fresher and more get up and go after just a few cups.
    I totally recommend this.

  • 5
    Smooth sweet tea

    Posted by maryanne on 15th Oct 2016

    This tea is absolutely sensational, so soft and delicate with no bitterness. Beautiful tea to drink any time of day.

  • 5
    One of the great tastes of China

    Posted by Vince on 4th Jan 2016

    This is one of the tastes we experienced during our first trip to China last year. Every time we drink Silver Needles we are transported back to that wonderful holiday. It is delicate and fragrant - my wife and I just love it.

  • 5

    Posted by Tiffany H on 5th Nov 2015

    This tea is exactly as described. It's my favourite and delivers on quality and flavour. Refreshing at any time of the day and has delicate flavours.