Yerba Mate Tea - Certified Organic (Bulk)

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Product Overview

100% Certified Organic Yerba Mate Tea: Yerba mate (pronounced Yerba MAH-teh) is a very popular herb that has many health promoting benefits. It is especially great as an alternative to coffee, giving a great coffee-like buzz that is gentler, healthier and longer lasting. Certified organically grown without using any harmful synthetic chemicals or fertilisers.

Ingredients: Organic Yerba Mate

*Please note that current batches may be a finer cut size due to supplier processing changes.

Botanical Name: Ilex paraguariensis

Certified Organic: Yes Why Choose Certified Organic Tea


Serving Suggestions:

Add 1 tsp to 200ml of hot but not boiling water, brew for 2-5mins or longer if desired

Country of Origin: Brazil/Argentina

Caffeine: Contains naturally occuring caffeine

Packaging: Bulk products may be packed in different packaging to our smaller retail sizes.

*Although maximum care is taken during packaging we cannot guarantee the complete absence of foreign material. We recommend exercising your own quality control procedures on receival. Packaging may differ to retail sizes due to limited availability on larger sizes pouches.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review