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100% Certified Organic Marshmallow Root Tea - Marshmallow Root is a unique herb that has been used for centuries because of it's abundance of natural healing properties. In ancient times the marshmallow root was used to treat a variety of ailments and conditions. The Greek name Althea literally means "to heal". It is also known as a 'demulcent' herb which means it contains polysaccharides that have antitussive, mucilaginous, and antibacterial properties. It works as a mucilage, producing a thick sticky substance that coats membranes and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It can cool and soothe the body and is great for skin, hair and digestion. 

Botanical Name: Althea officinalis

Ingredients: Certified Organic Marshmallow root

Certified Organic: Yes


Serving suggestion:   

Unlike most other herbs where you would use hot water, marshmallow root is typically prepared using a cold infusion to preserve it's mucilaginous properties.

Here is how to prepare your Marshmallow Root Cold Infusion:

1. Add 1 heaped teaspoon of marshmallow root per 200ml of luke warm water into a jar, teapot or cup,

2. Cover and let infuse for a minimum of 4hrs or overnight. The water will change to a yellow colour. Strain and then enjoy!

(Handy Tip: Make up a large pot or jug, this will then last you a few days stored in the fridge)

*Alternatively you may also brew with hot water for 2-5mins, simply add 1tsp per cup of boiling water.

Country of origin: Croatia/Hungary/Poland/China/Bulgaria

Packaging: All orders are sent in resealable packages for maximum freshness and longevity of flavour.


(11 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Good quality product, pleasant flavour

    Posted by Samantha B. on 28th Apr 2019

    This marshmallow root tea has a pleasant flavour and is nice to drink.

  • 5
    Stop the cough

    Posted by Raelene on 20th Aug 2018

    This works. No more nighttime cough.

  • 4

    Posted by Rachel on 15th Aug 2018

    Having never tried this tea I was pleasantly surprised by its mild smooth flavour. Enjoyable to drink without needing anything added. Helped ease mild digestive pains I had for 3 weeks from stress so that was a bonus! The fresh leaves outrank store brought boxed tea any day. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks Tea Hut

  • 5

    Posted by Denise on 12th Feb 2018

    Well, have at last had some relief from LONG time issues with digesting foods. Have been drinking the tea for about 4 weeks and must say can notice improvement, so am hoping things will only continue to improve.
    I am rather enjoying the iced tea poured over ice cubes in the hot weather.

  • 5
    use it every day

    Posted by HELENA on 27th Sep 2017

    Best marshmallow root I have used, everyday for smoothie bases as well awsome

  • 4
    Marshmallow root

    Posted by Nina on 25th Sep 2017

    This is great for cystitis and gut inflammation, very soothing and reliieves bladder pain.

  • 5
    Best medicine

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Sep 2017

    Great for clearing mucus and helping with coughs with my toddler.
    This tea was traditionally used for it in Croatia.

  • 5
    Marshmallow Root

    Posted by REBECCA on 2nd Jul 2017

    Mild, Soft Tea that is delicious. I love it with honey & a squeeze of lemon. Fabulous results in 2 weeks for inflammation & a good colour back in my skin.

  • 5
    Another Favourite

    Posted by Denise Cameron on 2nd Aug 2016

    I use this herb in conjunction with several other herbs to ease a dry cough, works best if you brew it in cold water overnight.

  • 5

    Posted by Chris on 13th Apr 2016

    A very soft nourishing tea which I infused with warm water for 4 hours. Taste is different and interesting, but quite easy on the palate. The acid reflux I was experiencing has reduced after only 7 cups.

  • 4
    Good for coughing

    Posted by Dragana on 9th Mar 2016

    I'm giving this tea to my 5 years old son every time when he start to far so good