Keemun Black Tea - Certified Organic

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Product Overview

100% Certified Organic Keemun Black Tea: Keemun black tea has long been considered one of the finest black teas available with delicious floral aromas and fruity flavour notes. Enjoy this premium grade organic Keemun black tea at any time of the day for a real treat!

Ingredients: Organic Keemun black tea

Organic Certified: Yes - Why Choose Certified Organic Tea?


Serving suggestion:

Great as an afternoon cleanser after lunch. For the best results always use fresh, filtered water. Add 1 teaspoon per cup. Brew with boiling water 1 minute or adjust shorter/longer depending on your taste preference.

Origin: China

Packaging: All orders are sent in resealable packages for maximum freshness and longevity of flavour.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review