Stop the Cold and Flu this Winter!

Posted by The Tea Hut on 25th Aug 2019

It is now officially winter, and one of the hardest things to avoid is catching a cold! We all go to work, the shops and are generally around other people all day. Unfortunately all of this can result in getting sick.

Did you know however that you don't have to suffer with sore throats and lack of energy for very long, there is a simple way of getting rid of and even preventing a cold taking hold in the first place.

If you didn't know already The Tea Hut is a tea business, what this means is that we are dedicated to researching and providing our Australian customers with the best teas that can help to make your life healthier and happier. Part of this means that we look for solutions to common problems we all have, such as catching a cold, we then work tirelessly to find herbs and teas that can make a real difference.

Cold and flu's are a big part of all of our lives and so we have spent many hours putting together a solution for you that is based on centuries of traditional herbal medicine and the latest research.

Here it is!

Your secret weapon against the cold and flu, and it has a very original name:

"Cold and Flu Tea - Organic"


This special herbal tea is carefully blended by hand using only organic ingredients, it not only tastes great but is designed to have you feeling better in no time at all!
It contains organic ginger, organic lemon myrtle, organic liquorice root, and organic lemongrass. When combined these ingredients can:

  • Soothe Sore throats
  • Ease Congestion
  • Lessen Coughs and Fevers

These organic ingredients are also filled with anti-viral and anti-septic properties that are perfect for getting over or stopping a cold!

If you would like to find out more about our cold and flu tea please click here