Should You Detox And Is Tea A Good Way To Do It?

Posted by The Tea Hut on 25th Aug 2019

This question has been around for a long time, you will find people on both sides of the fence when it comes to whether or not you should detox.

We don't believe that there is any one right answer, it really is up to you to decide what is best, as you know your body better than anyone.

Saying that here is some information that may help in your quest for ultimate health.

There are numerous ways and reason for detoxing, it may be that you need to lose weight quickly, you have a serious health issue or you just had one too many and ate too much over the weekend. There are so many products out there that claim this and that and can seriously cost a fortune. Like most of us, we have tried many over the years and here is our humble opinion on the matter of detoxing.

We do not believe that there is any need to shell out a lot of money for special detox this and that's and to jump on the latest bandwagon of "superfoods" etc which can be enough to drive you nuts and empty your bank account, detox should be an easy part of your everyday life and routine causing you as little stress as possible, you shouldn't have to suffer days on end by not being able to drink this or to eat that, that's just crazy, and most times ends up putting you in a bad mood (which you then tend to take out on those closest to you).

Instead of all this craziness why not just make simple changes that are easy for you, you can add a 10-20 minute walk twice a week, drink a bit little less alcohol and add some more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet. It is amazing how your body can react positively from small changes like this. 

Now if you still don't think that you can walk a little more or eat a little better then a regular detox may just be what you need. Instead of something drastic how about just changing one aspect of your daily routine, i.e. the tea that you drink. Think about it, instead of drinking a milky, sugary tea each day how about you drink a tea that promotes detox and helps to clear out the nasties in your body without you having to lift a finger instead.

Detox tea is a great healthy addition to anyone's diet however certain blends of detox tea are better than others and can give your detox the boost that it needs. For example detox tea bags and non-organic teas can have far less nutrients and health benefits because of the way that they are grown and processed, supermarket boxed teas can also have extremely long shelf lives which may reduce the overall goodness that you receive. We recommend only loose leaf, organic tea if you want the best detoxing effect. You need to carefully select what is in your tea making sure it is 100% organic with no flavourings. Look for ingredients that individually are great for you however also when combined create a whole of body detoxifying effect.

You don't even have to change to this tea permanently, try 1-2 weeks and give your body that clean out that it deserves and then you are free to go back to your favourite tea. It sounds simple, but in life aren't the simple ideas usually the best ones!

Here's to us all feeling better and living longer, healthier, happier lives.